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Illinois Client Reviews

“I received my notice of revocation and started “shopping around” for a lawyer. My first questions were always how much would this cost? Well I certainly learned my lesson. I hired an inexpensive lawyer who took me to two (2) hearings both of which resulted in denials. I guess I got what I paid for. BIG MISTAKE. I was referred to Alan R. Kurash and Associates and received driving privileges at the first hearing we attended. What a difference!!! Great staff—lots of preparation. What’s that old saying “Do it once – Do it right”. Thanks.”       Bill G., Client

“I had attended multiple hearings on my own with No Success. A friend referred me to Alan Kurash and upon leaving our initial interview I knew I had retained the right attorney. He put me at ease and the subsequent preparation we completed was amazing. We won at the 1st hearing. If the return of driving privileges are important I highly recommend Mr. Kurash and his firm.”           Fred H., Client

“Al, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me. Having a good lawyer, and a nice one at that, made it a lot easier. Thanks Again.”       Liz R., Client

“I retained Alan R. Kurash and Associates. Mr. Kurash and his staff and associate took the time to properly prepare me for the difficult administrative hearing process. They are skilled at what they do but were also kind and compassionate- always making me feel at ease. When I received my driving privileges at my hearing I was happy that I made the right choice in attorneys.”       Matthew L., Client

“Attn. Al Kurash, after checking my records, I found myself in error. I do owe you $100.00 (One hundred dollars). I am sending $150.00 (One hundred fifty dollars) for your trouble. Please accept my apology for not clearing this up earlier as I could not find the original bill. PS, I am still telling everyone that I meet with a D U I that………YOU’RE THE BEST DAMN ATTORNEY IN THE WORLD!!”             Jay K., Client

“I have all good comments about Mr. Kurash and his firm. Pam his assistant is so nice, always willing to take time on the phone with me and is very courteous. Mr. Kurash and Mr. Smith are clearly very skilled in Secretary of State Law. I had 10-12 appointments to properly prepare for my hearing and we were successful at my first attempt. I would definitely recommend Mr. Kurash and his office to anyone going through this process.”             Monica J., Client

“My alcohol counselor recommended Mr. Kurash to me. He said he had worked with Alan R. Kurash & Associates before and they were extremely good at handling difficult cases- which mine was. I contacted Mr. Kurash and we spent 1-1/2 hours at our initial interview (Free). He laid out a method to address the issues of my case and he and his associate Brian worked with me until I was ready. We went to the hearing and I was granted driving privileges. I was able to save my job and my home. Thank you Alan R. Kurash & Associates LLC. I will recommend you to anyone who needs driving privileges.”   Juan B., Client

“Dear Alan, I just wanted to let you now by this Wednesday I will have my driver’s license in my hands. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. It will be so wonderful to come and go as I please. Rob has been so great about taking me places since we met 4 years ago. I’m really lucky to have him. I just wanted to say thank you again for all you’ve done for me. You are an exceptional lawyer. I was so scared after my last lawyer that I thought I would never drive again. You changed all of that. I do not care if your head swells after all this, because you have worked very hard to get the reputation you have. Now I’m free, I know when Rob and I are ready we can start a family together. I can’t wait to be a mom!!!”       Lisa A., Client

“Letter to Counselor Alison, This letter is to thank you for your time and attention during my driver’s license fiasco. I am glad to report all is well. Al Kurash did my hearing. He took care of everything. 5 weeks later I have full reinstatement of my license, and 2 weeks were due to a delay in my address change. There should be more people in the world like yourself and Al Kurash. It’s rare that people show the kind of concern that you all did. I have never driven while under the influence since this happened. I wanted you guys to know that there are success stories, despite the many repeat offenders. There are some people that just need to be steered in the right direction and who have gotten caught up in the system. You guys do make a difference!!! I hope you will continue to do what you do. Best wishes to you!! Thanks again.”                Paige W., Client

“I called Mr. Kurash after talking to several other lawyers on the phone. Most of them only seemed concerned about fees. One lawyer even demanded a retainer to have an initial consultation. Without paying him a penny Mr. Kurash spent a half an hour on the phone answering questions and even said call me back if you have any other questions. Based on his honesty and obvious expertise I hired him. In less than one year I went from no driving privileges to a RDP to Full license. I highly recommend him and his firm if you are revoked or suspended.”            Salvadore M., Client

“Al, Thank you so much for all of your help over the past 3 years. I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into giving me back my driving privileges. I hope I am never in a circumstance which requires me to utilize your driving under the influence expertise again. (And I do mean that in the most sincere way). Thanks again.”           Michelle R., Client

“Dear Al, I wanted to take the time to thank you so very much for your help with my legal matters. You were so informative throughout the whole process which really helped to put my mind at ease during an unpleasant situation. I wish you all the best.”          Melanie E., Client

“Alan & Staff, Before any more time gets away from me I must send a huge thank you to all of you for helping me back on the right path to regaining my driver’s license. I think of you often when I am behind the wheel. Thank you.”            Thomas D., Client

“Hello Al, I want to thank both of you for all your hard work on 5-10 I passed my tests and am once again driving. At our 1st meeting you said you knew your job well, and indeed you do. Thank you for covering all the details and making sure everything went as planned. Thanks Again, Your thoughtfulness means so very much.”     Steve R., Client

“Dear Al & Pam, Thanks so much for all your extra help and attention during this whole experience. I was so frightened and your patience and professionalism got me through this. You guys are great!!” Mike and Chris M., Client

“Al, Thanks so much for all your professional help and advice. Thanks for being just you!! You’re a great person!!! I’ll call you sometime just to say hey! Your friend.”             Steve G., Client

“Dear Al, I was sitting in my office on this Friday afternoon, and thought I should send you this letter: When I first walked into your office back in Sept. or Oct. of 1998. I was looking for the best and fastest way out of the jam I had gotten myself into. I know now, that I had found the right person to get the job done! After hearing what you had to say, and with your background, I knew I did not want to take any alternative route—(similar to others I know that were or are still in the same boat I was in). From the first day I met you, I always had confidence in what you told me-After this was all done, I feel as if the money I spent was well worth it. Believe me; I do know that it is indeed a privilege to possess a driver’s license in the state of Illinois. I don’t want to take up a lot of your time, I just wanted to drop you this letter of appreciation for representing me thru this whole ordeal. I have learned my lesson, and never plan to see you for business purposes again. I hope to someday see you again, however probably unlikely-I will call to say hello. Thanks again for all your help Al—I’m going to leave now and drive somewhere!!! It sure is a great feeling to get this part of my life back!! PS, I’m sure you will never need it, but if you do- I would recommend you services to anyone. You are the best there is in this field. (Note: say hello to Pam for me and thanks to her also).”                Matt D., Client

“Al, we wanted to thank you for all your help and support for putting us back on the road again. Here are a few little gifts to show our appreciation, one for your office staff and one for you. You made a very difficult part of our lives much easier and we both wanted to thank you. You made us feel like friends more than clients. Thank you again,”     Joyce and Steve C., Client

“Al, Thanks for all you did for me! It was a long hard struggle but I made it thanks to you. I got my license on Oct. 9 right before we went on vacation. Thanks again for all your help.”       Ed J., Client

“Dear Al, Brian & Pam, I want to thank all of you for support and believing in me. I lovingly refer to you all as the “A” team. I refer to Pamela as my Angel on Mannheim. I also want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy, Holy, Healthy New Year, to your families as well. God Bless.”       Patrick O., Client

“I would like to thank Pam also as she is very understanding and always professional on the phone. Pam along with you two have it bad when the State drags there heals on paperwork, and we alcoholics are calling up whining about not getting our papers and well you know. Just so you know I am doing my best to make sure I am a safe and responsible driver. AA is going well and I look forward to the day I can put the rest of this behind me, at least as far as my driving privileges go. Thank you all very much!”       John S., Client

“Dear Alan Kurash, Your outstanding work, professionalism, dedication and support were instrumental in obtaining my full driving privileges. Again thank you very much. I will continue to work the AA program as a guide to living my life in the future.”         David S., Client

“Al, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how much you did for me during this unexpected difficult time for my wife and me. I know I had the best in my corner with you. Be well and enjoy the gift card.”       Tom G., Client

“Dear Gentlemen, I wanted to take this moment and thank you for your outstanding work. Alan when I walked back into your office after have received my 3rd DUI I felt like it was all over and really was losing the desire to live, I felt like such a loser. After talking with you and admitting that I was indeed alcoholic and you told me what I should do and if I did do all of that things would get better. Well sir you were sure right, and much to my surprise things are better than I could have anticipated, thank you.”   Anonymous, Client

“Dear Mr. Kurash, I just wanted to personally thank you again for helping me get through my DUI situation. I’m sure you know from all the clients coming into your office that this is not an easy thing for anybody to deal with. You as well as the entire office gave me confidence that I would get through this situation. You also gave my mother peace of mind which helped a great deal. I cannot thank you enough. This was a scary time for me and my mother as well, but you and your office were so helpful with getting me through it. Thank you again Al, I hope nothing but the best for you, your family and your office. Good luck to you in the future with everything you do. Best Regards.”         Aaron B., Client

“I would like to thank you for getting me ready for the hearing and making sure all my papers were in order and just reassuring me that things would work out, also for believing in me. It is nice to come across people that care and do what they set out to do. My belief in you and your associates and your work and following what you recommended is what helped me get through some hard times. I am sure that I could not have found sobriety and peace of mind without the help of you two.”           Anonymous, Client

“Alan, Thank you so much for all of your help with Mark’s case. You sure know how to “Paint the picture”.”         Kim and Mark Y., Client

“Hey Al, I feel terrible that it took me so long to thank you for saving my life. You should have seen me the day this came in the mail. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to you for all your help. I really can’t even tell you. It is the single biggest event in my life. I am so thankful. After six years it’s really taken some adjusting to not feeling hopeless anymore. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!”       Suz, Client

“Al & Pam, I wanted to personally thank both of you for your time and efforts in my most trying time. Your skills and professionalism is above the top and I am forever grateful for all you both have done for me!! I am very appreciative for everything! Thank you for sharing your time and your talents. Best Regards.”                Patti M., Client

“Attorney Al Kurash, Hello, please find enclosed payment for today service at the DMV. Thank you again to Al & Pam for your stellar service and consideration. All my gratitude for your guidance and mostly your kindness during this transition, it is deeply appreciated. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. When I receive the permit I will send a copy.”         Patricia M., Client

“Alan & Brian, Wanted to drop a note of thanks and to let you know, I won’t let you down. I realize in your position you must deal with the harsh reality that some people never learn. I can assure you your efforts are worthy in my case. Also, thank you for your patience (Brian) during my moments of confusion & frustration. I’ll be talking to you soon for the next round. Mucho Gracias!!         Pam A., Client

“Dear Pam, Alan & Brian, Biggest THANKS to you all for helping me in getting one step closer to behind the wheel. Getting those papers in the mail over the weekend proved to be one of my happiest moments in a long time and for that I am extremely grateful for your services. Lots of Love.”       Marissa V., Client

“Alan R. Kurash, Sir, briefly I just wanted to thank you and your office, Mr. Smith and Pam, for your services. The process of getting my driver’s license back, despite years of sobriety and good intentions, was maddening. It took being referred to your office to get me pointed in the right direction. This summer I was awarded my Indiana driver’s license. This allows me to have a freer, more substantial life with my two sons and the peace of mind that creates is priceless. I suppose for every lawyer joke there’s a nice moment like this when you receive a letter from a former client who greatly appreciates your service. You and your staff helped bring a father closer to his sons as a result of your hard work. I hope you take satisfaction in knowing you’ve helped repair a life.”         Mike S., Client

“Hello Al, It was great to talk to you the other day. I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you did to help me. I know it is you job, but I felt like you really cared and went above and beyond the call of duty. That last DUI really changed my life, as you can tell from our conversation. Here is a little information about what we are doing. If you get a chance send me an email, I would love to add you and your family to our prayer list and keep you in the loop on our new adventures. Thank you again.”       Cathy J., Client


Out of State Clients

“I have lived in Arizona since 2002- Prior to this I received 3 DUI arrests in Illinois between 1993 and 2002. I attempted to do and Out of State Petition/Hearing on my own and after going back and forth with the Illinois Secretary of State I finally gave up thinking I would never drive again. I was referred to Mr. Kurash through a friend who had used him and upon speaking with him on the phone I retained him. That was 3 months ago. I just received my decision in the mail today and I was granted privileges. I’m going to get my DRIVER’S LICENSE!! Mr. Kurash & his assistant Pam were a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend him and his firm.”       Laura J., Client

“Mr. Kurash helped me through the perplexing process of clearing my revocation in Illinois. I am glad that I found him. His expertise as a former prosecutor for the Secretary of State helped me realize he was the right attorney for the job. We submitted the Out of State Petition and were granted clearance the 1st try. I am so happy that I found Mr. Kurash, you will be too!!!”          Bill T., Client

“AI moved to Florida for employment purposes but was till revoked in Illinois. I looked into the process required to regain driving privileges and realized it was way over my head. I called my previous Evaluator in Illinois who then referred me to Alan R. Kurash & Associates LLC. Mr. Kurash and his staff were great to work with. He methodically guided me through the detailed process and was always there to answer my questions. I received my order of grant and I now have my Florida driver’s license thanks to Mr. Kurash. I trusted Mr. Kurash and he did what he said he would. I highly recommend you call him if you need your driver’s license.”         Adam T., Client

“After moving to Georgia and getting settled I decided to focus on getting my license back. I had received 2 DUIS in Illinois and was revoked there which stopped me from getting a Georgia license. I went on the internet and several lawyers who advertised that they did driver’s license hearings. Many of them could not even answer basic questions regarding reinstatement. I called Mr. Kurash and he answered all my questions and more. He was not the least expensive but I decided not to mess around because I needed to drive to keep my job. We worked together for approximately 8 weeks and I submitted the petition. When I subsequently received the envelope from the Illinois Secretary of State and was granted my license back I was happy that I made the decision to hire Mr. Kurash, He is a real professional!”       Mike, Client